PowerVision Introduces The “PowerEye Professional” sUAV

New Powereye “Professional” Drone Features FPV, Thermal, 4K




” A new drone was announced today at the Interdrone conference in Las Vegas, and it’s got some pretty impressive features.

  It’s called the “PowerEye Professional Cinematography Drone” – and it’s made byPowerVision, the same people who recently launched the cool-looking PowerEgg. But this product is defined less by its cool form factor – and more by its cool features.”



Image result for Powereye Professional



” Not only is that 4k camera capable of shooting regular video – it can also pick up infrared wavelengths and provide thermal imagery. This feature is useful in applications for everything from more artistic photography, through to search-and-rescue operations and even inspection of building envelopes for thermal leaks. The camera actually comes with two different lenses and two different light sensors, depending on which wavelengths the operator wants to capture. Regular 4k video with visible wavelengths? Check. Thermal? No problem – simply flick a switch and you’re good to go.”


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