DJI Announces September 27th Surprise … Inspire 2 ? , Mavic ?

Why Hello DJI Mavic? Inspire 2? DJI Teaser Hints At Something Big





” Well now. DJI has decided to jump GoPro’s Karma event with one hell of a teaser video. The September 27th event is now promising to have hype levels for drone enthusiasts that rival the Apple events of days past. It’s damn good to be a drone nut. The technology keeps pushing the envelope and the FAA is staying reasonable. Christmas is coming early…

  Oh hell yes. It beats the GoPro digital Bigfoot hunt we’ve been on. For all the rumors surrounding the DJI Mavic, I wonder if we are being led down a path where we see a multi-drone announcement. The Mavic with the rumors of ultimate portability and then a complete refresh of the Inspire line and possibly a Phantom 4 Pro.”



Image result for DJI Mavic


” Take a look at the image again. The 4K camera and gimbal are protected by a tinted spherical shell. That’s pure protection for a drone that seemingly promises a lot of speed and greater weather capability. Nice shot at GoPro, DJI.”



Image result for DJI Mavic


” It would explain a lot in the teaser video about the ability of the drone to whip through canyons and low flying under trees. The altitude it has speaks to a battery life and power that makes sense on something foldable but not necessarily destined for bargain pricing.”


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