Drones Meet Fuel Cell Technology

Fuel Cells Set To Power Up The Drone Industry





” Canadian companies are placing big bets on a better way of powering drones.

  So far these stealthy units — long used by military forces for intelligence-gathering, surveillance and striking targets — have been powered by internal combustion engines or lithium polymer batteries.”



EnergyOr’s Fuel Cell H2Quad 400 Flies Over 2 Hours With 4K Camera Payload



” But now manufacturers are getting ready to replace those with more efficient and longer-lasting hydrogen fuel cells in a bid to accelerate the mainstream commercial adoption of drones — also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

  Advancements in fuel-cell performance are being met by cost reductions and innovations on the drones themselves, says Thomas Jones, director of product development at EnergyOr, a Montreal-based company producing small- to mid-size, fuel-cell-powered drones.”


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