Hydrogen-Powered HyDrone 1800 Has 3 Hour Flight Time

World’s First Hydrogen Powered Drone





” Micromulticopter Aero Technology, Co. Ltd. (MMC) showed video footage of the first commercially available hydrogen drone, the HyDrone 1800. The HyDrone 1800 is one of the first commercially available drones to run on Hydrogen using fuel cell technology.

  Most drones today run on batteries that limit flight time (with a load) to about 30 minutes, depending upon the weight they carry. This has been a severe limitation for many commercial applications, as operators must switch battery packs or charge the current battery after brief flights. Hydrogen, an environmentally friendly technology, will allow drones to run up to five times longer – dramatically enhancing their commercial potential for applications like firefighting, agriculture, energy line stringing and inspection, and precision mapping. The hydrogen technology also runs at a lower temperature than existing batteries, potentially expanding applications for the new drone.”



Image result for The HyDrone 1800



” The HyDrone 1800 is a breakthrough technology for commercial drone applications. With flight times of over 3 hours, distances of over 100 km, and operations of as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius many of the barriers that exist for commercial and humanitarian applications today are removed…So many applications are well suited to this technology. Precision agriculture applications for medium to large scale farms, powerline stringing and inspection, mapping and search and rescue applications – all of these are improved by longer flight times.”


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