Mavic vs Karma – Who Wins ?

DJI Mavic Pro vs GoPro Karma: How The Drones’ Specs Stack Up






” In the span of just over one week, DJI and GoPro each unveiled a foldable and ultra-portable personal camera drone. With so much hype surrounding these two products, we’ve decided to do a comparison of features and specs to see how the Mavic Pro and Karma stack up — at least on paper.”


Here are the categories that the article compares between the drones :



Dimensions When Folded

Maximum Speed

Max Flight Time

Max Distance



Remote Controller

Intelligent Flight Modes







” Although its brand is dominant in the action camera industry, GoPro’s stock has been hammered in recent times due to slowing sales and disappointing financials. The company spent months hyping up the Karma as a major expansion into a new business, stepping into the ring with camera drone heavyweight DJI, but the official Karma unveiling on September 19th was quickly dwarfed just days later by DJI announcing the Mavic Pro. “



See how they match up here

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