How A Drone And Twitter Helped Rescue NC Man & Dog Trapped By Hurricane Floodwaters

2 Strangers And A Drone Help Rescue Veteran Trapped By N.C. Flooding




” In this unlikely tale, two strangers and a drone played crucial roles in rescuing a man trapped in his flooded home in Hope Mills, N.C.

  Drone photographer Quavas Hart decided to take his drone out on Sunday to capture images of some of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Matthew.”



This image of flooded homes in Hope Mills, N.C., prompted a dramatic rescue.

Image by Quavas Hart



” ” I happened to come across this neighborhood that was completely submerged in water,” Hart tells The Two-Way. He posted a picture on Twitter showing the dramatic scene of a cul-de-sac with floodwaters up to the eaves of the roofs.

  As it turned out, Navy veteran Chris Williams and his elderly dog Lana were trapped in the house with one blue shutter to the right of the picture.”


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