InVisage Technologies Unveils The Latest In Drone Obstacle Avoidance

Quantum Film Sensor Stops Delivery Drones Crashing Into Things




” A sensor due for launch early next year allows small drones to sense and avoid obstacles with the aid of quantum film.

  The drone revolution could see fleets of uncrewed aerial vehicles crisscrossing cities delivering pizza, cleaning windows and inspecting infrastructure. But this will only be possible if they can avoid trees, buildings and other hazards autonomously while flying at speed.

  InVisage Technologies of Menlo Park, California, has built a low-cost sensor that can rapidly detect obstacles up to 20 metres away, using a technique called structured light. The SML-20 projects laser dots that are distorted by any object they strike, allowing the sensor to infer the location and distance of obstacles ahead.”



Image result for InVisage Technologies



” Previous structured-light sensors have not worked well in daylight. Like the spot from a flashlight, the projected pattern is lost in the background glare, and a laser bright enough to be detected in full sunlight would not be safe for human eyes.

  The new sensor solves the problem by using an infrared pulsed laser, which operates at a wavelength at which water vapour absorbs most sunlight before it reaches ground level, reducing the glare.”



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