Check Out “In The Robot Skies” , The First Film Shot Entirely With Drones

An Amazing First In Film: The Motion Picture Shot Entirely With Drones




” It’s no surprise that a movie shot entirely by drones has surveillance as the main topic: even though hobbyists love to use drones to grab images for many different purposes, many can’t deny that part of the stealth appeal of drones is their ability to peer into people’s lives.

  In the Robot Skies is said to be the first work of fiction shot completely by pre-programmed flight UAVS, and it raises a lot of questions about society and urban planning.

  Achieved architect Liam Young is the man at the helm of this pinnacle film, which premieres these days at the London Film Festival. The film is set within the throngs of a total police state, where the drones gathering footage are truly the main characters governing the story.”



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