Drones Can Be Risky Business

Drone Market Bubble- Investor’s Nightmare



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” Drone market is one of the fastest, developing branches of the technology. Everything started with military drones and proceeded from there. After the advance of many other technological products, civic drones started to gain popularity and appear on a market, with the last 4 years focus on multi-rotors.

  The drone market is so hot these days, a lot of companies from different fields started investing in drones. However, many of those investments were not the gold mine that many had anticipated. Some of the more recent flawed investment deals included: 

  All of you have heard about the huge investment of circuit giant Intel in the RC company, Yuneec. To recap, in September 2015, Intel invested $60 million USD in this upstart, Chinese drone manufacturer. Beginning 2016, Yuneec announced a product called, “Typhoon H.”  At the time of its release, the Typhoon H was not functioning as it was supposed to be for a simple reason: Yuneec cheated used a VICON system for its presentation. There was then a delay in its release taking 8 months instead of the initial promised 4 months of its final product. After people started receiving the Typhoon H and comparing it to the Phantom 4, a drone from the same price category, there appeared a lot of flaws. It was a raw, unpolished product with lots of software and hardware bugs. To make matters worse, People had to pay $1899.00 for the Typhoon H with a version with Real Sense technology-a collision avoidance sensor used to compete against the Phantom 4 but resulted in costing consumers more than $500 extra.”

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