Part 107 Waiver Rejections Outnumber Approvals

FAA Has Rejected More Waiver Requests Than It Has Approved: How To Fix That


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” The Federal Aviation Administration this week announced it has issued 36 Part 107 waivers to drone operators since it began issuing Part 107 waivers and airspace authorizations on Aug. 29. The FAA has also approved 81 authorizations for flights in Class D and E airspace.

  Waivers enable commercial drone operators to use their drone in situations that the FAA has otherwise made illegal, including flying at night, flying beyond visual-line-of-sight or flying over people not directly involved in the operation.

  But there’s a whole lot more to the story than just that. The FAA has rejected a massive 71 waiver requests and 854 airspace applications.

  The FAA says most of the rejections happen because applications have incorrect or incomplete information.

“ Many applicants request too many waivers or request waivers for flights in types of airspace for which the FAA is not yet granting approvals,” according to a news release.

  The majority of waivers granted so far are for operators needing to operate drones at night, There have also been a few other waivers offered, including one to Helen Greiner‘s company, CyPhy works, allowing the remote pilot in command or visual observer to operate more than one drone at the same time.”




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