Can Drones Replace Fireworks ?

Intel Drones Offer Light Shows That Could Rival Popular But Dangerous Explosives





” On a cold October night in the quiet industrial town of Krailling, Germany, a single blinking drone flew into the air. The distant light was soon joined by 499 more, lighting up in the shape of the number 500.

They then flew to new positions, this time spelling out the word “Intel.”

  The light show was a proof of concept for Intel Corp.’s  leap into the drones-as-entertainment business. Intel on Friday announced a drone called the “Shooting Star,” a flying contraption about the weight of a volleyball that can light up in 4 billion color combinations for commercial entertainment light shows.”





” Intel is not alone in producing drones as a form of nighttime entertainment that could augment or replace fireworks. The Walt Disney Co. has filed numerous patents for drones that it dubbed “Flixels,” as first reported by MarketWatch in August 2014. The patents indicate that the drones would follow pre-programmed flight paths and emit LED lights at various intervals, lighting up the sky. Others might be able to fly through the air with puppets suspended from the base.”




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