Bramor ppX Long Endurance sUAS Can Stay Aloft For 3 To 5 Hours

C-ASTRAL Aerospace Announces New Long Endurance sUAS





” C-ASTRAL Aerospace, a developer of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), has announced the launch of its new Bramor ppX long endurance sUAS at the Commercial UAV EXPO in Las Vegas. The company has also launched a Long Range Solar version, developed in conjunction with Alta Devices.

  The ppX UAS builds upon a decade of operational experience in 80 countries with more than 50000 global flight hours. The aircraft features an all composite blended wing body, flying for up to 3.5 hours (regular version) or 5.5 hours (Long Range Solar version) and can carry an array of different advanced sensors for remote sensing, aero photogrammetry, surveying and agricultural mapping as well as classical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.”



Image result for Bramor ppX



” The new ppX is complemented with a C3P (Command Control Communications and Planning) software package for mission planning and flight control, enabling a high degree of situational awareness and intuitive systems control, as well as with an online fleet management and maintenance support system, which will enable current users and operators to share technical data as well as mission profile and performance parameters advice.

  The C-ASTRAL ppX UAS can fulfill an array of different missions, such as surveying and remote sensing, infrastructure control, precision agriculture, flood monitoring, open pit mining, ecological monitoring and sensing, wildfire management and mitigation, classical ISR, civil defense, IED detection and fire control.”



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