AirSelfie , For The Narcissist In You

AirSelfie Drone Is A Dream Come True For Selfie Enthusiasts






” The drone technology has opened new doors for up and coming visual enthusiasts. This new drone by AirSelfie, which is small enough to fit into your smartphone case, is one of them. 

  Judging from its visual representation, the AirSelfie is arguably the smallest drone in the world that has ever been invented. It allows users to take selfies without the assistance of a monopod. The drone can also be controlled wirelessly by synchronizing it with either iOS or Android devices through a compatible app. The images can later be transferred directly to the smartphone via Wi-Fi.”



Image result for AirSelfie



” The drone comes can be set to three different modes, namely Selfie, Selfie Motion Control, and Flying—providing users with multiple controls that responds to each of the modes differently.

  The AirSelfie is encased with an aluminium-based shell casing that is said to bear a subtle lightweight frame while providing adequate protection to the drone from outside interference. It has overall dimensions of 67.4 by 94.5 by 10.6 millimeters, and weighs 52 grams. It is also equipped with a quad-copter mechanism, which comes with four propellers that are installed within its interior body to reduce any forthcoming minor injuries on the user’s end.”



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