Autonomous Landing Of A Multirotor Micro Air Vehicle On A High Velocity Ground Vehicle

Landing Multirotors On Moving Vehicles





” Now imagine the delivery drone you are expecting is only coming from a vehicle near to your home. Perhaps one that has parked itself in a strategic spot to allow the speediest deliveries for the lowest mileage in a suburb. It’s not flying all the way from a hub.

  Once it’s completed its last flight in the area the truck can start moving to its next parking spot and the drone can find itself to it en route and land back without the truck having to stop.”





” Or better still instead of flying home the drone can jump onto a bus and hitch a lift until its close enough to hop over the fence in time for tea and medals.

  Just these sort of scenarios have been imaged in a paper by a team from the Mobile Robotics and Autonomous Systems Laboratory at Polytechnique Montreal.”



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