Camera Comparison – P4P vs Canon 60D vs iPhone 6

Phantom 4 Pro Image Quality Test Ft. iPhone 6S & Canon 60D






” The Phantom 4 Pro image quality is certainly impressive. The latest drone in DJI’s Phantom series sports a brand new 1-inch sensor capable of shooting 20MP stills and 4K videos at 60 frames per second with a maximum bit rate of 100Mbps, an improved lens, and 11.6 stops of dynamic range, among other impressive features.

  Our initial plan was to go out, fly the drone, and check out the Phantom 4 Pro’s aerial image quality, but unfortunately it was raining for the whole day and we weren’t able to fly. So instead, we took some photos indoors for you to check out. To give you a frame of reference, we’ve also included photos taken with an iPhone 6s and a Cannon 60D. Unfortunately, we don’t have an iPhone 7 (not looking for any more dongles right now) or a Canon 80D on hand.

  Now let’s check out some images straight from the camera and see how good or bad the Phantom 4 Pro image quality is compared with the 2 other cameras. Note that all these photos were taken in auto mode and haven’t been processed in any way.”


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