Coming Soon: Giant Drone FPV Racing

Will Giant Drones Be The Next Big Thing For FPV Racing?



” Can a 30kg battery-powered drone go from 0-100kph in less than a second? With a top speed of 200kph? And can it lift 300kg?

  The answer to these questions is yes, says Chris Ballard, ceo of Melbourne-based Freedom Drone Sports. His company has been developing giant racing drones in the last two years and is now spruiking a new racing league to be established next year called Freedom Class Giant Drone Racing.”



Image result for Freedom Class Giant Racing Drone



” Ballard revealed this in Melbourne at the Sports Analytics Conference where he said the current brand of FPV racing had a restricted future as a spectator sport to cross to mainstream because people couldn’t see small drones well enough from a distance.

  The company has released a brief video of the Freedom Class Drone Version 1.0, in which a drone with a cylindrical shaped fuselage and a 1.5 metre span was shown lifting a bale of hay. This prototype has since been superseded by Version 2, a completely different-looking tilt-wing model.”



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