Can The Byrd ProDrone Give DJI A Run For It’s Money ?

Byrd May Be The Word





” The Byrd design is foldable, modular and comes in several configurations that include 1080p (plenty good for most web work). The model I tested was set up to carry a GoPro. Another available configuration is a 4K camera with the following specifications: 3840*2160P 24fps, 3840*2160P 30fps, 4096*2160P 24fps. An IR camera is also due out soon, and so are gimbals that can accommodate a DSLR (Cannon 5D III and the other mirror-less varieties with landing gear extensions), Black Magic Micro are also in the works.  GDU boasts a 5-pound lifting capacity. (Our testing only achieved a 3 and a half pound lift.) We have to assume they did a little research and are catering to the segment of operators who have designs on making money with drones.”




Image result for Byrd Drone




” It has acoustic sensors to fly indoors and offer stability without GPS. While it doesn’t have obstacle avoidance, some in the cinematography biz contend that hard robotic shots just don’t work in the movies. Out of the box, the altitude is limited to 400’ AGL but no Geofencing, which is a big plus for the professional. I’ve spoken to plenty of folks who have had delays in SAR efforts (lives at stake), TV and video gigs (thousands of dollars and hour) who couldn’t fly causing delays, frustration, and embarrassment.”




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