From Railroads To Bridges To Towers , Drones Are Becoming The Go-To Inspection Tool

Market Update For UAVs In Civil Infrastructure: Living In The Drone Age





” From bridge inspections in Minnesota to railways in Canada, drones are helping to create better infrastructures, bridging many time distances and obstacles that otherwise would not be possible to cover as quickly and safely. They are also helping to save lives, and recent report show those numbers are significant.

  If there’s a time we could call “the drone age” it is now. It’s the dawn of a new era, showing us the potential of what was initially thought to be a toy or a military weapon. Drones may well be our “friends in the sky”. We picked some examples of drones at work for this Market Update and invite you to browse through the previous editions, which pointed to other relevant stories.”





” Since 2012, UAVs have been used along with other methods to identify and characterize geohazards, assess susceptibility and assist in the prioritization of mitigation works along the Canadian National (CN) rail lines. These rail lines traverse the Rocky Mountain, Cascade and Coastal ranges from Edmonton, Alberta, to the ports of Vancouver, British Columbia (BC).

  Along this corridor, which is located within steep mountainous terrain and deeply incised river valleys, the railway infrastructure is exposed to various slope geohazards including landslides, debris slides and rockfalls, all of which are problematic for the safe and efficient operation of the railway. The authors GIM International in their Geohazard Management on the Canadian National Railway Corridor article. The introduction of multiple methods has proven beneficial and there are plans to extend its use to other segments of the railway. Follow the link to read the whole article.”


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2 thoughts on “From Railroads To Bridges To Towers , Drones Are Becoming The Go-To Inspection Tool

  1. Drones are definitely the way to go when it comes to inspections or railway tracks, bridges, roads as well as large industrial plants and buildings. Site surveying is hugs along with Lidar and Photogrammetry mapping. It sure is the drone age we are in now.

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