Drone Girl’s Holiday Drone Buying Guide

Your Drone Christmas Gift Guide For 2016



” Looking to give a drone Christmas gift? Not sure what to get? Here’s your guide to what drone to get for Christmas, broken down by cost, use case, type of drone and more.


Drone Christmas gifts for photographers:

$: DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Cost: $399

  What it is: The Phantom 3 Standard is DJI’s most low-cost drone on the market right now. But just because it’s cheap in price doesn’t mean it’s cheap in quality.

  Take 2.7K HD videos and 12 Megapixel photos with the drone’s integrated aerial camera. You get all the incredible features of DJI drones, including the ability to live stream what the drone’s camera sees through your smartphone app for up to half a mile away, and features such as return to home, and 25 minutes of flight time.

Where to buy:

Why Drone Girl loves it: While the video quality won’t be as good as the more expensive photography drones listed below (to be expected), it still shoots excellent quality video with its 2.7K camera. Beyond that, it’s incredibly easy and safe to fly.  Side note, my sister owns this drone, so it has her endorsement too!



autel x-star review



$$: Autel X-Star Premium

Cost: $599

What it is: The X-Star Premium shoots 4K Ultra HD video (note that’s better quality than the prior DJI Phantom 3 Standard). It also allows the ability to live stream what the drone’s camera sees from up to 0.62 miles away via an app you can download to your smartphone.

A remote controller makes it easy to fly with buttons such as take-off and return to home.

Where to buy: 

  Why Drone Girl loves it: Most people will tell you that Autel dominates the drone industry when it comes to excellent customer service. While ideally you’ll never need to contact Autel customer service, this does bring some peace of mind.

  One of my other favorite reasons to consider an Autel. The company will refund the $150 testing fee to any of its customers who take the FAA’s Remote Pilot Certification. If you ever intend to get FAA certified (which you totally should) this absolutely makes the price tag worth it.

See my complete review of the Autel X-Star here. “



Much more at Drone Girl’s site

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