A Look At Drones Coming In 2017

What To Expect From The Consumer Drone Industry In 2017?






” New companies that are entering into the drone world need to consider a unique and innovative selling point to compete against today’s leaders in the industry. XDynamics, a Hong Kong based drone company founded in 2015, is looking to hit the market by equipping their Evolve drone with the world’s first consumer dual-screen controller and a stylish single shelled carbon fiber chassis. Another upcoming drone to look forward to is the Shift. This contender can possibly have an improved version of the Yuneec’s wizard wand mixed with the portability of a Mavic or a Karma drone.”



Image result for Shift Drone



” The one handed controller it comes with has a featured thumb ring joystick, which makes this the first of its kind. Another first of its kind is the Aguadrone. This fish finding drone has an interchangeable pod system for different applications, and it is 100% waterproof! What do all these new drones have in common? Well, they all bring something new to the table.”



Image result for Aguadrone



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