New FLIR Products Bring Thermal Imaging Within Everyone’s Reach

FLIR’s New Thermal Cameras Are For Amateurs And Pros Alike





” Thermal imaging company FLIR has announced a few new toys and tools that will let users see in the dark, measure heat, and help with home improvements.

  The first is a new version of the Flir One, a thermal camera attachment for iPhones and Android phones (equipped with USB Type-C ports). The new FLIR One features a new image processor and higher resolution visual camera, and is cheaper than its 2015 predecessor — just $199 instead of the old price of $250. It also has a height-adjustable dongle, meaning you can now use it with phone cases, something that previously required flimsy adapters.”



FLIR Duo and Duo R Thermal Camera for sUAS | FLIR Systems




” Workers who know they need thermal cameras on the job are going to have some new options this year, too. FLIR today also announced the FLIR Duo and Duo R — two GoPro-sized cameras with pro-quality thermal imaging guts. The difference between the two is that the Duo R is also capable of making lab-calibrated thermal measurements. These cameras can fit into tight spots or even be attached to a drone for spotting trouble with or measuring the temperature of things like rooftop HVAC systems. The Duo will run $999, while the Duo R costs $1,299.”


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