Yuneec Debuts A Commercial Typhoon , The H520 At CES 2017

New Yuneec Typhoon H520 And Valet Drone





” This year at CES, Yuneec released an orange beauty called the H520 and a great concept drone. The new commercial targeted drone is scheduled to be released around q2 or April, May, or June of this year. Besides its bright new color, they decided to equip the Yuneec Typhoon H520 drone with some new upgraded motors and an interchangeable camera payload system. This Yuneec is geared towards the commercial aspect of cinematography, inspections for oil and gas, real estate, and general photography.”



Image result for Typhoon H520



” The overall hardware and compatibility have been boosted with this model. The frame on this is larger and the motor’s size have also been enhanced to increase stability. On paper, the H520 has an impressive 31 minute flight time, and that’s with the total weight of 1890g. Its battery is a large 6850mAh LiPo.  The six rotors will give the user a peace of mind with its five-rotor fail-safe feature, so this hexacopter can still fly stable with a failing motor. The ascent speed is 5m/s, while the decent speed is rated at 3m/s. The controller is basically the same with its built-in 7-inch screen. Shame that the heavy screen flaring issue has not been solved in a new Typhoon H 520.”


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