Future Home Security Will Integrate Drones Into Your Alarm System

Protect Your Home With Alarm.com’s Automated Drones




” Today, there are more smart security cameras than ever, but they all have one major flaw: a very limited range of surveillance. You could wire your home with a dozen cameras and still have blindspots. Plus, your family might not like cameras constantly watching.

  At CES 2017, Alarm.com announced a cost-effective solution to blanket every inch of your home in non-intrusive, smart surveillance. The basis of the system is called the Insight Engine. This adaptive program can learn your family’s day-to-day patterns, like when your kids leave for school and come home, and only alert you when something is amiss.”



Insight Engine Drone



” While programming an alarm system to only sound off when the backdoor opens at two in the morning is impressive enough, the Insight Engine adds icing on the cake with its automated drones.

  When a disturbance is detected, the drones could be deployed to investigate. Armed with high-resolution cameras, they would stream real-time video to you, no matter where you are. No experience with drones? No problem, as the drones would not require a human pilot. In fact, an Alarm.com representative told us that the company is not planning on adding direct controls.”



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