Gold Mining With Drones

Rockcliff Samples High Grade Gold Veins at Laguna and Airborne Magnetometer Survey to Commence



” Rockcliff Copper Corporation is pleased to announce that the Company’s exploration program continues to identify high grade gold mineralization from known historic surface quartz veins at its Laguna Gold property. Additionally, the Company has contracted a state of the art drone airborne magnetometer survey to be completed over the entire Laguna Property. The Laguna Gold property is part of Rockcliff’s high grade base metal and precious metal Snow Lake Project located within the prolific world class Flin Flon-Snow Lake greenstone belt.”

  Ken Lapierre President & CEO stated “The detailed drone survey will aid in the potential identification of new structurally controlled high grade gold rich environments under the property’s thin overburden cover as well as follow the known areas of gold mineralization. With multiple high grade, gold-rich, quartz veins throughout the Laguna property and no diamond drilling completed since the 1940s, the present exploration program is the first systematic, scientific exploration program on the property in over 70 years. We look forward to advancing this high grade gold property to its first drill program in a very long time.

  A total of 1,116 kilometres of tightly spaced lines between 25 metres and 50 metres spacing will be completed at Laguna by A.I.R. Inc. from Flin Flon, Manitoba. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) used is a state-of-the-art Canadian designed and built helicopter style UAV which slings a potassium magnetic sensor underneath. Helicopters offer many advantages over other kinds of UAVs: Vertical Take-off and Launch, highest aerodynamic efficiency in forward flight as well as the best size vs payload vs flight time available. A GPS guided autopilot coupled with ground elevation data allows it to fly accurate survey lines that hug the terrain. With the implementation of a UAV over conventional ground and airborne surveys, you can now economically fly extremely tight line spacings with high density ground sampling distances without the need for linecutting. It is now possible to resolve individual magnetic anomalies that were previously indistinguishable when surveyed using conventional ground and airborne surveys – perfect for structurally controlled gold exploration targets like that at the Laguna property. Ultimately, magnetic surveys done from a UAV deliver higher quality magnetic data at a decreased cost while reducing environmental impact.”

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