Is The Aerodyne Nimbus 195 The First Crash-Proof Drone ?

Aerodyne Nimbus 195: A Racing Drone So Tough You Can Drive Your Car Over It






” A drone you can drive your car over? Thanks to a spherical, carbon fiber monocoque exoskeleton, this FPV racing drone can take one hell of a beating – or a dunk in the snow or a puddle – and could save the average pilot a fair bit of tinkering time after a crash.

  FPV drone flying is a ton of fun, but crashing is a big part of the sport, and while we’re generally pretty impressed with the way ready-to-fly kit racers like the Walkera F210 take a pounding, they do have a lot of exposed electronics that eventually get bashed and wrecked in our incapable hands.”



Image result for Nimbus 195



” That’s why the Aerodyne Nimbus 195 looks like such a great idea. Instead of being built on a multi-layered flat, straight carbon frame like most racers, the Nimbus has its innards built into and totally protected by a carbon monocoque exoskeleton, formed from the inside in a cavity mold and with thickness varying from 1 to 4 millimeters depending on the stresses each area needs to take.”


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