Coming Soon: Disposable Cardboard Drones

Disposable Drones May Be The Answer To Autonomous Delivery





” Limited access to laboratories and clinics in underdeveloped regions have left a large portion of the population with no access to medical care. In rural environments, it is not always possible to transport specimens or medication within the necessary time frame for patients to be treated. Therefore, the use of drones for delivery of medication or vaccines have been proposed in various forms in order to improve patient care.

  Medical delivery drones are intended to improve on and eventually replace motorized vehicle delivery. The delivery of specimens to and from laboratories and clinics can increase accessibility and potentially save lives.”






” Drone delivery comes with a few drawbacks, however. The units are expensive and can only carry small payloads. Besides, the range is a fraction of what a motorbike or car can achieve. To increase the range, one must increase the size of the battery. However, this affects the drone negatively by adding weight to it.

  The United States military’s experimental technology arm, DARPA, may have found a way to mitigate some of these drawbacks. The organization is currently funding a research project that is investigating the use of disposable drones made out of cardboard.”



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