Tips On Improving Your Aerial Photography

4 Ways To Improve Your Drone Photography And Videography Skills





” Having the ability to capture amazing aerial photographs and video footage is one of the major benefits of drone ownership. But if you’re new to drones, or new to photography and videography, learning the capabilities of the drone and getting to a place where you’re consistently creating quality aerial imagery can be a challenging journey.

  Here are few ideas to help you explore the functionality of your drone and improve your aerial imagery skills.”



An aerial photograph of a river and large waterfall in the jungle.



” When you’re first learning to pilot a drone, it can take some time to get comfortable managing the flight and camera controls simultaneously. Some consumer drones have intelligent flight modes like Waypoints and Orbit, which allow you to enter a pre-determined flight path that the drone completes autonomously. The beauty of utilizing these autopilot flight modes is that it gives you the opportunity to focus primarily on the camera controls, while the drone takes care of the flight.

  Some drones also have a Teaching Mode feature that allows two pilots to connect their controllers and fly the drone together (one pilot controls the drone’s flight, while the other pilot controls the camera). Using Teaching Mode, you could find a trusted pilot to manage the drone’s flight, while you focus on improving your camera skills.”


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