Drone Fishing For Tuna

 Three Australian Legends Just Changed The Whole Damn Game With ‘Drone Fishing’





” Our species has been fishing for 42,000 years, and in all that time the technology has more or less stayed the same. Until now. Sure the material’s different and the reel’s are a bit fancier, but it’s essentially still just a line on a stick.

  But after all this time, a pair of humble Aussie blokes from Western Australia have now completely changed the game: The lightbulb moment for this ingenious idea came from Jaiden, who runs a drone business called Sea Ulcer Aerial Media.



A 20kg pelagic tuna



“ My mate Jaiden Maclean has a drone business, Sea Ulcer Aerial Media, and he was flying it around just out the back of our joint trying to film turtles and manta rays and things like that,” Byron told The Gold Coast Bulletin.

“ We just stumbled across a large school of tuna and we were thinking ‘how can we get our bait out to the tuna and catch them from the beach’.

“ We were having a few beers and having a think about it, and we sort of made up this break-away rig on the drone and just flew the bait out. I haven’t got the statistics in front of me, but I’m fairly certain 95% of Australian inventions started with ‘having a few beers’.”




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