New Mining/Quarrying Drone Solutions To Come From Airware/Caterpillar Partnership

Airware Teams Up With Caterpillar Ventures to Help Construction, Mining And Quarrying Organizations Utilize Drones





” News about Caterpillar Ventures investing in Airware to advance work site intelligence was just announced today, and it signifies a powerful commitment on the part of both Airware and Caterpillar to create and provide drone solutions that make sense for construction, mining and quarrying organizations.

  What’s especially interesting to consider in light of this news is the way in which conversations about where and how this technology fits into these industries has changed. Not long ago, commercial drone proponents had to push the value proposition of the technology, but for the most part, stakeholders are at least aware of the potential drones possess. That has meant these conversations have shifted to something a bit more nuanced, which was something Jonathan Downey, founder & CEO of Airware, was able to detail in light of this announcement.”



Graph mining replacement



” “For a lot of companies in the space, they started using commercial drones because they were thinking about how they could do things like replace a two week land survey using GPS equipment with a one day drone survey,” Downey told Commercial UAV News. “Yes, that is happening and it’s leading to cost savings, but I think there are much bigger and more valuable business outcomes that can be driven when you don’t just take a new technology and apply it to an existing business process. We’re interested in getting people to think about how their business process can be changed as a result of the technology. What if they do things different? What would that look like? That is what we are engaged in with a lot of our customers, which is helping them rethink how they assess site compliance and productivity.”

  Those conversations are directly related to the news that came out today. Since I last connected with Jonathan, the company has been continuing to focus on being able to provide a complete end-to-end solution in two key verticals: the insurance and the mining and construction space. The news today is an illustration of exactly what that commitment looks like for professionals in mining and construction.”



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