Vigilant Aerospace Systems & NASA Developing BLOS System For NAS

DJI Phantom 4s Used In Sense-And-Avoid Testing





” An autonomous detect-and-avoid technology has been successfully tested using DJI Phantom 4 drones in yet another important step toward a world with integrated airspace.

  The news came in a news release that stated: “Vigilant Aerospace has completed successful beyond line-of-sight flight testing of its new FlightHorizon detect-and-avoid collision avoidance system for unmanned aircraft at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California.”






” The exercise was meant to test the effectiveness of the technology in Beyond Line-of-Sight flights with small and medium-sized unmanned aircraft. The eventual end-game is the integration of unmanned aerial vehicles with manned aerial vehicles in the same airspace.

  The flights included nearly 100 “scripted encounters” – where the drones were put on conflicting flight paths. These exercises tested many aspects of the technology, but the real emphasis was on its detect-and-avoid algorithms, along with the user interface.”




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