How ISIS Makes Use Of Drones

Death From Above: The Drone Bombs Of The Caliphate




” The conflicts in Syria and Iraq have seen a proliferation of drones throughout the battlespace. Whether used for filming propaganda, as an intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) asset, or for command and control, drones are being used by a multitude of groups for a wide variety of missions. The Mosul offensive has seen this kind of drone warfare step up a level, with Islamic State (IS) employing drones armed with an assortment of different munitions, sometimes in conjunction with other assets, to deadly effect.

  Armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been around for some time, probably the most famous being the V1 flying bombs used by Germany during the Second World War. Modern drones, such as the Predator, have been armed since 2001. Developments in civilian recreational drones, most notably quadcopters, in the last five years have made them affordable, reliable and widely available. The parallel development and miniaturization of civilian cameras and smartphones have turned these recreational vehicles into effective ISTAR platforms, and recently, weapon platforms.”





” IS is certainly not the first group to use drones as an offensive weapon. This video reportedly shows Jund al Aqsa using a drone to drop some kind of improvised bomb on Syrian government soldiers in September 2016. Another video from August 2016 appears to show a Hezbollah-owned drone dropping MZD-2 sub-munitions. Hezbollah has claimed to have this kind of capability since September 2014, and was an early adopter of suicide drones, using them during the 2006 Lebanon War.”



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