Marketing Your Drone Service To Realtors

How To Market Aerial Drone Services To Real Estate Professionals






” Scores of vertical UAV markets are now taking off and selling real estate is at the top. Drone-based aerial photography for real estate brokers and agents is not only booming, but is becoming nearly mandatory for properties over 25 acres. Potential buyers from another city, state or even a distant country can take an aerial tour of the rolling hills and see the picturesque rural layout of the house, barn, ponds and external fencing with just a click of the mouse.

  Granted, Google Earth can provide a year-old satellite static view of the land in pseudo 3D at no cost, but a drone video is on a completely higher level. Drone videos give the realtor a production quality movie comprised of the most positive aspects of the country estate. Potential buyers see the property in the best light with inspiring music playing in the background. The UAV market for real estate is one of the original commercial industries conceived and is now in full implementation. The question is, “How are you going to get those aerial contracts?” You could have the top UAVs in your hanger, all the FAA credentials necessary and live in hot rural property markets. Yet without a solid marketing strategy and the entrepreneurial spirit to vigorously pursue that goal, your drone services will simply become the best kept aerial secret.”



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”  Let’s cover some basic prerequisites first to verify you are on the correct path for real estate aerial showcasing. It is absolutely critical to have your FAA 333 exemption and to be a private/sport pilot or at least have one on contract. The vast majority of realtors will run from any outlaw commercial drone pilots that could get them into trouble with their state regulators.

  The minimum UAS platform should be at least a DJI Phantom 3 Professional with six to eight batteries coupled with a dedicated iPad or Android tablet. Invest in a solid travel case which can serve as both a secure storage for all the remote flight project components and a takeoff platform to get above the tall pasture grass on a million dollar ranch.

  At the office you will need a strong computer with video editing software to produce smooth, professional, flowing aerial commercials. Most of your final productions for 2016 will still be in HD 2K since most real estate buyer prospects will be viewing your product on YouTube or Vimeo. As 4K computer monitors and TV’s start becoming more mainstream, 4K resolution recording and delivery will be required.”





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