DJI Presents M200 Series “All-Weather” Drones

DJI’s Rugged Matrice 200 Series Drones Go Where No Drone Has Gone Before





” Drone leader DJI introduced its M200 series of rugged drones on a windy mountaintop overlooking the city of Barcelona, on the Sunday before Mobile World Congress. This was the perfect place to show them off: The entry-level M200, and the higher-end M210 and M210RTK, may not have all the gewgaws of the company’s Inspire and Matrice models for professional photography, but they can operate in harsher conditions, making them indispensable to industries like construction and utilities, as well as field researchers and first responders. 

  These demanding customers will be the first to get the M200 series when the drones ship in the second quarter. Prices haven’t been announced, but the drones will be sold through dealers, meaning there’ll be no doorbusters. The dream, of course, is that some of the coolest features will someday trickle down to the more attainable Mavic or Phantom consumer lines.



Image result for DJI M200



” DJI’s M200 is the entry-level model in its Matrice 200 series, with just one gimbal.

  Journalists and DJI partners watched M200 prototypes hover overhead, while the wind whipped and a huge Telefonica antenna hummed. We even took turns controlling a drone for a few minutes, giving us a chance to experience what sets them apart: 

  ‘IP’ is short for International Protection Rating and refers to the drone’s ability to withstand intrusion to its enclosure. The M200 series’ rating of IP43 means it’s weather- and dust-resistant. In real terms, that means it can handle rain (but not a dunking), and sand or dusty conditions, provided it gets a good cleaning and inspection afterward.”




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