Drone Business Appears On The “Shark Tank”

DARTdrones Pitches Shark Tank To Build A Flight School For Drone Pilots






” Entrepreneurs who pitch on ABC’s Shark Tank typically make packaged goods and apparel. Occasionally, the high tech breaks through. XCraft, the company behind the PhoneDrone Ethos, scored a rare investment from all of the judges on the ABC show last spring, for example. And tonight, drones are once again flying “in the Tank” as DARTdrones seeks funding to build its national flight school for drone pilots.

  DARTdrones CEO, Abby Speicher, started the company while she was getting her MBA at Babson College. She was already thinking about forming a startup, she recalls, when she saw Jeff Bezos talking up the aerial future of package delivery on CBS’ 60 Minutes. “I immediately wanted to go out and learn how to fly these things. But after weeks and months of calling around, I realized there wasn’t anywhere to go to learn,” the CEO said.”



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” Based in Scranton, Penn., DARTdrones now employs 11 full-time and has more than 40 professional aviators and drone operators working as instructors on-contract around the country. Seasoned pilots, they train everyone from hobbyists, to professional photographers, fire fighters and police officers, in how to safely use drones for fun and work.”




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