Sentera TrueNDVI Turns Mavic Into An Ag Drone

Precision Agriculture Sensor For The DJI Mavic From Sentera





” Sentera today announced its ability to convert a DJI Mavic ™ drone into a precision scouting tool that collects TrueNDVI™ crop health data. The ultra-lightweight, super-precise Sentera NDVI Single Sensor is integrated onto the pocket-sized Mavic drone, featuring one of DJI’s most sophisticated flying cameras ever. In a single flight, visual-band RGB, near-infrared (NIR) and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) data is simultaneously captured, and then interpreted in the field to quickly detect problem areas and respond with action. The small yet powerful Mavic drone with NDVI Upgrade ensures precision while saving time.

“The Mavic with TrueNDVI upgrade is a highly anticipated offering for our customers who have been seeking a compact, easily transportable drone for the 2017 growing season,” remarked Kris Poulson, Vice President of Agriculture for Sentera. “Growers and agronomists are keenly interested in this platform due to its collapsible design, affordability, and precision. We have growers looking to use this now, as their first crops emerge and they have an opportunity to make influential input decisions.” “






” “Our customers located in the southern states are already deploying drones upgraded with a Sentera NDVI Single Sensor to capture early growth data and maximize their 2017 yields,” Poulson continued, “We are excited to offer growers yet another True NDVI solution for their farming operations. Growers, agronomists and consultants of any size are finding value in our NDVI Upgrade solutions. The Mavic will help many growers analyze NDVI crop health data for the first time.” “


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