Austrian Red Cross Develops Land Rover Launched Rescue Drone Vehicle

Red Cross To Get Land Rover With Its Own Rescue Drone




” It looks like a gadget-filled motor that would have featured on the Thunderbirds. But this British 4×4 will soon be used by search and rescue teams to help save lives during disaster relief operations. The specially developed Land Rover Discovery has an in-built drone that launches through the vehicle’s roof.

  It will allow rescuers to drive close to the scene of major emergencies – ranging from avalanches and earthquakes to rail crashes and floods – sending back details of unseen dangers ahead. Crucially the drone can be launched while the vehicle is in motion – at speeds of up to 25mph – thanks to ground-breaking world-first docking technology.”

” It can even deliver small packages of medical supplies, food and water, to stricken people who cannot be reached.The vehicle has been developed by Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division in conjunction with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent using the latest Discovery model and drone technology.

  It is being unveiled today at the Geneva Motor Show before going into service for a one year trial with the Austrian Red Cross at its training centre in Erzberg, in the mountainous Eisenerz region, and in Vienna.”





Daily Mail

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