John Deere Offers Kespry Drone Services With New Equipment Purchases

John Deere Floats Drones As The Next Big Tool For Construction Workers






John Deere sees a future where construction workers use drones to help with their jobs.

  The equipment manufacturing giant said Tuesday it’s partnering with drone technology startup Kespry, a deal that will involve John Deere’s sales teams selling drones and related services to the construction industry.”

” Kespry currently leases to construction and insurance companies drones that can take pictures of work sites and transfer the photos to Amazon Web Services , where the custom software processes the imagery. In September, insurance titan Allstate said Kespry was one of the drone startups it used to inspect homes for storm damage in Texas.

  As part of the deal, John Deere’s network of more than 400 American and Canadian dealers will “introduce customers” to Kespry’s various drone services, while the startup handles customer support and flight training, said Andrew Kahler, a product marketing manager with John Deere.”

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