How To Get Your Lily Drone Refund

Lily Drone Bankruptcy Claim Your Cash






” If you pre-ordered a Lily Drone and are now after a refund, you should take a look at Prime Clerk. Lily was the oversold and underdeveloped media darling of 2015. Lily was conceived in the UAV world’s Bermuda triangle, Berkeley California. The place good drone ideas seem to go to disappear.

  Almost 62,000 customers pre-ordered Lily, and as a result that brought in $34 million dollars. All the while not building a single complete on specification unit.”



Image result for lily drone bankrupt



” We will try to refund all of our customers’ pre-order payments during the bankruptcy.  However, we need Bankruptcy Court approval of a refund process to make those payments.  To begin the process, the Company filed a motion on March 13, 2017, asking the Bankruptcy Court to approve the refund process. Below is a summary of the proposed refund process.

  If you are a customer that pre-ordered a Lily Camera and are awaiting a refund of your deposit, please go here to submit your current email and mailing address.  This will expedite the refund of your deposit once the Bankruptcy Court permits refunds.”





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