Walmart Wants In-Store Drones To Move Products

Here’s How Walmart Plans To Use In-Store Drones To Move Merchandise


Image result for walmart in-store drones


” Don’t be surprised if one day soon you hear a buzzing overhead while you’re buying socks or laundry detergent at your neighborhood Walmart.

  The mega retailer has been granted a patent to use in-store drones to shuttle merchandise from one department to another. The company believes the small, unmanned aircraft systems would increase efficiency and in some cases eliminate the need for employees to traverse the entire length of its massive stores to move items around.

  In its patent application filed in September, Walmart said the drones would be controlled by a central computer system that would essentially function as an air traffic control center. The unmanned aircraft would fly using everything from onboard sensors and video cameras to gyroscopes and magnetometers to detect obstacles along the way. The drones would primarily be routed over shelves as opposed to store aisles to avoid buzzing over customers’ heads.

  Drone landing zones would be set up throughout the stores with some in plain sight and others that would be hidden.”




Press Enterprise

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