Connecticut To Arm Police Drones With Deadly Weapons

Connecticut Bill Would Make Weaponized Drones Legal For Cops


Image result for Connecticut  Police Armed Drones


” Connecticut police officers would have the ability to use drones equipped with lethal weapons under a bill now pending in the state House of Representatives.

  The bill authorizing police use of “deadly” weaponized drones passed 34-7 in the state legislature’s joint Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. It was then sent to the House floor for debate and a vote, neither of which has been scheduled.
  The law was originally written to ban the use of weaponized drones after a Connecticut resident, Austin Haughwout, attached a handgun and flamethrower to his drone on separate occasions over the past two years. The state government has tried and failed to pass legislation on drones three times since then.
  However, the bill includes an amendment that would allow police officers to attach weapons to drones. Committee co-chair Paul Doyle, who helped add the amendment, said law enforcement should be able to use drones, but only as a last resort.
“It’s conceivable that it is a positive resolution in an emergency, aka terrorist situation,” he told CNN. “If a terrorist is in the middle of an operation, in theory, the drone could kill him.” “



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