A Study Of Conflict: How Differences In FAA And Local Ordinances Can Land Drone Pilots In Jail

How Flying A Drone Could Send You To The Slammer Even When The FAA Says It’s OK






” You may want to think twice about where you fly a drone the next time you travel across the U.S.

  Although the Federal Aviation Administration is in charge of regulating drones—as it regulates conventional airplanes—numerous states and local governments have been enacting their own drone rules. In some cases, these local drone laws conflict with the FAA’s drone rules, resulting in hefty fines and even jail time even though the pilot may not be violating federal laws.

  That’s one of the takeaways from new research on drone laws published Tuesday by research group The Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College. The authors of the report examined several local drone ordinances established in recent years and discovered that 135 localities in 31 states have passed drone rules that impact over 30 million people living in those areas.

  Additionally, the report said that 24 localities list “jail time as a possible punishment” for violating their drone laws, even though the FAA considers those rules to be preemptable, meaning that the FAA believes that the federal law should overrule them.”



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