Canon Enters The Drone Market

Canon Industrial Drone PD6E2000-AW-CJ1 Coming





” It looks like Canon is moving into drones with the eloquently named PD6E2000-AW-CJ1.

  The new drone will use the ME20F-SH super high ISO camera we’ve all seen crazy high ISO footage from. This drone will apparently be aimed at the search and rescue market due to the cameras ability to shoot in low light. The price tag for the drone is reported to be around $20,000, which we assume doesn’t include the $20,000 ME20F-SH camera.”






” Canon will be showing more about this new drone at the Video Transmission Expo in Tokyo.

  While the consumer market for drones is becoming quite large, regulations on recreational use in various countries may be a negative impact on the market growing. Canon may see a far more lucrative market in the industrial space.

You can read more about the drone at WeTalkUAV or Canon Inc.”




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