Boston PD To Monitor Marathon With Tethered Drones

Boston Marathon Adds Drones In New Security Push

” Runners at the starting line of this year’s Boston Marathon will notice something new: a pair of drones tethered to wires hovering high overhead.

  The camera-equipped drones will allow police to scan nearby crowds with long-distance and infrared zoom, and are intended to help thwart low-tech terror attacks like the one in London last month.”

Image result for Drones to patrol boston marathon

“ It’s really something new we’re going to be using where we have a very dense population of people between the village and the start line. They will not be over spectator areas, and they will be providing live video feeds into public safety command centers,” an official said at a Wednesday security briefing, according to the Boston Herald.

  While drones can fly without any tethers, the marathon drones are attached to thin wires as a means of keeping them powered up in the sky for days at a time.”

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