Toms River NJ Proposes Ban On Drone Flights Below 400′

Jersey Shore Town Takes Steps To Regulate Drones





” The township council introduced an ordinance Tuesday night that would ban drones from flying below 400 feet.

Under the ordinance, state agencies and law enforcement will still be able to use the drones in an official capacity. Drones can be flown for educational, scientific, environmental and research purposes, and sporting events. “

” The ordinance reportedly was introduced as a way to curtail real estate agents from flying an unmanned aircraft over residents’ houses. Councilman George E. Wittmann Jr. told the Asbury Park Press the council decided to introduce the ordinance after receiving complaints, many from residents in the North Dover section of town who have spotted them hovering above houses.

  Anyone caught operating an unlicensed drone in a location not permitted by the new ordinance can receive up to $2,000 in fines and 90 days in jail. “

One thought on “Toms River NJ Proposes Ban On Drone Flights Below 400′

  1. Ridiculous, we sacrifice recreational use to regulate a business! Remember, life can be fun and flying a drone is a hobby, not a business. The FAA has laws that address the flying of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, the pilot of that vehicle should abide by the laws of the FAA not Toms River’s. Too much government intervention…


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