Thousands Of New Jobs Are Coming To Every Industry In Florida Thanks To Drones

Drones Creating Thousands Of New Jobs In Florida





” “I can have fun and I can get paid wooh!” Shawn Morse typically gets that reaction when he sells drones to customers from his TB Drones and Hobby Store on Ulmerton Road.

  St. Petersburg College professors typically get that reaction too when they introduce students to careers with drones. Nearly every industry from emergency workers to realtors are turning to the high flying contraptions.

“ The industry is just going to blow up,” explained Program Coordinator  Fred Tucker, who coordinates the drone program out of the SPC EpiCenter Tech campus in Clearwater. 

  For Page Wurts, who just over a year ago became a certified drone pilot, it wasn’t about taking his roof inspection career to new heights, but instead: Keeping himself grounded.

“ Safe is important to me. Falling on your head is no fun,” he said with a laugh.”



WFTS Tampa Bay

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