Introducing XDynamics New Modular , Industrial Drone D-02

XDynamics Unveils D-02, Modular Customizable Industrial Drone For Multiple Professional Uses At NAB Show 2017


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XDynamics today introduces the D-02, its next-generation aerial platform for professional drone cinematography and industrial applications. It is an industrial grade unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) optimized for customization, compatible with a wide range of accessories, sensors and cameras. The D-02, together with the well-received XDynamics Evolve, is part of the company’s lineup of high-end ready-to-fly drones, and will be showcased at NAB Show 2017 in Las Vegas.

  XDynamics D-02 is a customizable aerial platform for professionals across industries. Instead of a certain general purpose, it is designed with modularity in mind. Manufacturers and enterprise users can build upon the smart X8 octocopter to develop drones that fulfill specific needs. From propulsion systems and sensors, to gimbals and cameras, XDynamics provides users with a wide range of options, rolling out in phases, to create the best combination possible.

  During the D-02’s initial launch, for example, there will be sets of propellers suitable for different atmospheric conditions and desired performance. The first gimbal unveiled is made for DSLR cameras and can be adjusted easily to support different models of professional cameras and lens. The 3-axis motorized gimbal eliminates vibrations, provides precise motor rotation, and allows stable and smooth footage to be captured, making it the ideal choice for professional filmmakers and cinematographers. All gimbals are interchangeable, and can be attached and released quickly.

  Benny Chan, CEO of XDynamics, said, “XDynamics D-02 is an inviting drone, in the sense that the product is custom-made to suit different professional needs with a suite of accessories and cameras to choose from. We welcome professionals across industries to set out their requirement with us, so we can build together the best drone for the industry-specific use case.” “





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