SwellPro Releases “Waterproof” Drone

Afraid Of Losing Your Drone In Water? Fear No More With This Waterproof Drone




” I stumbled across this video today. I was trying to figure out if this was magic, but it does seem like the Swellpro Drone is actually waterproof. This is exciting news for me; I think I can finally convince Lee Morris to let me fly a drone.

If you ever get on YouTube, or even here on Fstoppers, you’ve probably seen people using drones to fish. Fishing is a super relaxing sport, and I enjoy fishing on the beach with my dad whenever I visit. If I were to fly a DJI Phantom however, it would only add stress. So you dronies who use them to fish make my hands sweat. But sweat no more palms, because now there’s a “waterproof” drone!”


Image result for Swellpro Drone



” The team over at Swellpro seems to have created these drones specifically with fishermen in mind. Their base model, the Splash Drone Fisherman Version, is used to drop bait in a desired location and comes equipped with a waterproof camera and monitor so you can see where you’re casting your line. You can upgrade to the Splash Drone Auto Version, which comes equipped with a GoPro Gimbal (camera sold separately), which is what is being used in the video above.”



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