How North Dakota Is Leading In Drone Education

To See The Future Of Drones, Look To NDSU Student Competitors






” If you want a glimpse of a maybe not-so-distant future where drones deliver our packages and pizzas, you might want to watch a handful of students from the region who are preparing for an international robotics competition this summer.

  The contest challenges them to build a drone that can avoid obstacles and make decisions on its own, a trick that Brady Goenner has been working on at North Dakota State University.

” Kind of the real challenge is getting that sensor interface reliable enough,” the senior explained as he maneuvered a four-propeller drone that’s about 3 feet wide around a conference room.”



Image result for  International Aerial Robotics competition



” Goenner keeps his hands on the flight control, but for the International Aerial Robotics competition in July this drone will need to fly relying only on sensors it carries, and a computer program.

  Goenner, a senior in mechanical engineering from Clear Lake, Minn., is part of a 10-person team developing a drone for the competition. In addition to the NDSU team, students from Carleton and St. Olaf colleges in Northfield, Minn., will compete at the event in Atlanta.”





Grand Forks Herald

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