FAA’s Drone Registration Struck Down By US Court Of Appeals

FAA Can’t Require Registration Of Recreational Drones






” Drone pilots are buzzing with excitement over a court ruling Friday striking down a 2015 FAA rule that required them to register with the government.  The US Court of Appeals didn’t mince words in finding the Federal Aviation Administration had overstepped its authority. “Statutory interpretation does not get much simpler,” the court said.

  Two years ago, the FAA ordered all drone pilots; professionals and hobbyists to register, pay a fee, and put an identification number on their aircraft.  John Taylor, a recreational drone pilot who lives in the Washington DC area balked.”





” In its summary the court wrote, that Taylor, a recreational pilot, did not think the FAA could order him to register and the court concluded, “Taylor is right.”

  Loretta Alkalay, an aviation lawyer, drone pilot and professor at New York’s Vaughn College of Aeronautics was one of those who advised Taylor in his challenge to the FAA. It was pretty simple, she explained. In 2012, Congress passed the FAA Modernization and Reform Act which included a provision that protected model aircraft from FAA rules.”





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