How Drones Are Changing Hollywood Filmmaking

After Pirates Of The Caribbean, Drones Are Changing How Blockbusters Are Made

Stephen Oh, left, Johnny Depp as captain Jack Sparrow, and XM2 pilots in the Whitsundays during filming for Pirates of ...



” In late July 2015 filming on the Hollywood blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales was in its final week when cast, crew and a small team of Melbourne drone operators arrived on Hamilton Island.

  After six months filming on the Gold Coast, it was supposed to be a leisurely week. But a large tropical storm changed all that.

” The winds were blowing mega,” cinematographer Paul Cameron tells AFR Weekend ahead of the worldwide opening of the movie this week, and the helicopters being used to shoot a number of aerial scenes weren’t coping.

” They dumped a six-camera array system into the sea,” he explains, “it would have cost them an insane amount to get another helicopter, camera and do it again.”

  Which is where the team from Melbourne-based drone cinematography company XM2 came in.

  Founder Stephen Oh and his crew took their drone into winds that had closed the airport and pulled off the shots. For Oh and Cameron, it was the final affirmation that the rapid improvement in the way drones could handle high end cinematography was changing forever the way big budget blockbusters are made.”



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